This was an exciting brief from a fresh and innovative client. Looking to create a platform that could transform the lives of carers, the final product needed to be sensitive whilst retaining a slick and modern feel. They were intent on the system looking contemporary and appealing to a generation of very busy working families.

The Social Careline system provides invaluable support to professionals who need to maintain contact with their loved ones and other dependents throughout the working day when their schedules make personal contact impossible.

Built from the ground up to be as simple and as reliable as possible in how it is used, yet making use of the latest possible technology,

The system allows you to send voicemail-style recorded messages, scheduled at a time of your choosing; it can convert text into audio messages delivered to their phone, it will even synchronise with your computers calendar to ensure that events and medication reminders you set up there automatically link up to effective telephone prompts.  The system adds increased ‘peace of mind’ regarding the personal wellbeing of dependents – as the system can be configured to raise an alert if a telephone call goes unanswered– and will even automatically alert a first responder such as a neighbour if required.

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